Dragonfly Mayhem

werner22brigitte / Pixabay

Last night, I was peacefully laying on the floor using my wondrous Miracle Balls to relieve some back pain I was having. Suddenly our cat Tao burst through the cat door and ran past me with her sister close behind. This was unusual but the unsettling thing was the distinct buzzing sound that was emanating …

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Mom and Aging 2.0

Lively safety watch

I knew it would not be easy to accompany my mom on the journey of “getting old.” She has always been an ultra-independent person. When someone talks about a parent’s frequent requests for help, I can’t even imagine. My mom avoids asking me for help like the plague and seems to be enduring a form of …

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Looking for WordPress superhero costume


In the grand pantheon of WordPress heroes I’m a minor goddess, but it’s a matter of perspective. Really we can all be a hero to somebody. I have loved using WordPress for over 5 years and eventually started helping others with it. I was slow to embrace my superpowers seemingly falling into a trap typical …

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One of these bikes is not like the other

Pedego at Bike Walk Greenville Meeting Bike Parking

I have two bikes that I love to ride. I had a Raleigh 10-speed road bike when I was a teen, but these days I like my bikes pretty and comfortable to ride. When we moved to Greenville, SC in 2009, I went from flat riding with primarily nearby destinations to hilly riding with my usual destinations over 5 …

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Coworking great option for women


When I first heard about coworking, there weren’t any coworking spaces here in Greenville, SC. I thought the concept was so cool that I was tempted to join the one in Asheville and commute there. As someone who works from home both remotely for a nonprofit and for my freelance work, I think a shared working …

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