Coworking great option for women

When I first heard about coworking, there weren’t any coworking spaces here in Greenville, SC. I thought the concept was so cool that I was tempted to join the one in Asheville and commute there. As someone who works from home both remotely for a nonprofit and for my freelance work, I think a shared working space is a great idea. Here are 8 reasons you would want to consider a coworking space.

Now there are a few locations in Greenville and it was my interest in coworking that inspired me to approach The Iron Yard as a location for our WordPress User Group. I’ve been thinking about signing up for a part-time membership and know a few people who took the option for a full-time desk. It’s a great way to work independently but still have some of the benefits of a work location.

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Got 7 minutes?

Lee Holden - 7 Minutes of Magic

Years ago I discovered Lee Holden's exercise DVD: "7 Minutes of Magic" when I had the challenge of coming back from a series of injuries. This DVD has been the one I return to again and again because it is perfect for fitting into a busy day. It … [Continue reading]

New Year’s Refresh

My mood board from PhotoShop Skillshare class.

New years bring a feeling of renewal and while I don't get into making resolutions, I do get into a fresh start mode. I have been playing around with different apps for creating good habits. Most recently I've been using Lift to record whether I'm … [Continue reading]

Reluctant WordPress developer

light bulb moment

When it comes to my personal or volunteer life, one of my favorite things to do is learn something new. I love to dive into a project with no clue how to do it because I love the process of figuring it out. It is definitely a significant source of … [Continue reading]

Biking like a kid again

Dripping wet in the garage

Dad and I didn't often see eye-to-eye, but I'll always remember his being there when I rode my bike without training wheels for the first time. Such a classic childhood moment when you first feel that sense of mastery and independence. Riding my bike … [Continue reading]