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Got 7 minutes?

Lee Holden - 7 Minutes of Magic

Years ago I discovered Lee Holden’s exercise DVD: “7 Minutes of Magic” when I had the challenge of coming back from a series of injuries. This DVD has been the one I return to again and again because it is perfect for fitting into a busy day. It includes three different types of routines and that …

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Body Disconnect


When I first saw this scene with Robin Williams in the movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, I remember being irritated by it. They say you tend to be annoyed when you see in others the characteristics you don’t like in yourself. I later realized that I have that same attitude of wanting to be …

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I like to bike slow

My first bike ride to Downtown Greenville!

I like to exercise outside and enjoy the sights along the way. When I ride with my husband he shouts out practical warnings – like glass in the road – while I shout out “squirrel!” He manages to bike with me for a short distance and then heads on down the road for his “real” …

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