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Sometimes I write a few things…

  • Poem: Red
    Red I look out my window just in time to see the woman walking the red dog. And think about my mom who likes to tell me about the duo in long winding circles of words. Does she love to see them because the red dog is the bright color her hair once was? Do … Read more
  • Sisters and unexpected blessings
    When a family falls apart there are painful ripples but you can also find unexpected blessings in their wake. That’s the story of my half-sisters and I – we each grew up without a sister and we were excited to be sisters in adult life. I was a baby when my oldest sister Julie came … Read more
  • SC Codes Greenville – Creating an innovative pilot program for our community
    I’ve been planning to write a blog post about our SC Codes Greenville pilot (Jan 2016 – Jun 2018) to share the awesome experience and Greenville community achievement. The recent confusion because of the launch of a new program under the same name – SC Codes – is now another reason to write about it. … Read more