Audio Shenanigans

I discovered the fun of having an audio player on my blog when I wanted to share my latest Christmas music find. Today it felt like time to remove the Christmas music from my main page, but I wanted to continue the fun of sharing music so I searched for something else to share. I ended up discovering this “Women for Peace” audio clip which seemed appropriate as with the start of a new year comes renewed hope for the future. I thought about making a commitment to a schedule for updating the audio feature, but this feels too confining to my spontaneous nature. I will share as the spirit moves me 🙂

Note: Audio clip temporarily posted to my main page, but permanently available here:

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  1. Loved the audio! 🙂 Thanks… You have an interesting blog here. I’ll definitely be back to read some more.



  2. Cool, thanks! I’m checking your blog out too. One of my best childhood friends is Thai. Always wished I had learned more about Thai culture from her, but the only thing I remember eating at her house was tuna sandwiches 🙂 She just had a beautiful Thai wedding back in DC. Wish I could have been there!

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