Biking like a kid again

Dripping wet after getting caught on my bike in a storm
Dripping wet after getting caught in a storm riding bikes with my husband

Dad and I didn’t often see eye-to-eye, but I’ll always remember his being there when I rode my bike without training wheels for the first time. Such a classic childhood moment when you first feel that sense of mastery and independence. Riding my bike would become a happy place throughout my childhood and into my teen years. The love affair would fade and return at different times of my life.

Last year I got an electric-assist bike which turned out to be perfect for rediscovering the pure joy getting around our hilly town on my bike. It is my preferred mode of transportation because instead of the hassles associated with driving, getting places has become fun again. I  enjoy the beautiful scenery on our local streets and along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I feel like a kid again when I pick up a little speed and I also enjoy poking along being friendly to the people I pass.

As the weather turned warmer I’ve been doing more commuting on my bike. I ride it through the drive-thru banks and pharmacies and have been experimenting with transporting groceries. Every time I take my bike instead of the car I feel a little younger and more joyful. And recently when my husband Neil and I got caught out in a downpour, I didn’t care that I was sopping wet. I laughed harder than I have in a long time as we raced home to get out of the storm.

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    1. We’re working on getting more here. I’ve got a pretty good route to go downtown, but I have to go out of my way to bike to Whole Foods which is less than 4 miles from our house in the other direction. The WORST part of my best route to Whole Foods goes past a SCHOOL – crazy!

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