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Mom and Aging 2.0

Lively safety watch

I knew it would not be easy to accompany my mom on the journey of “getting old.” She has always been an ultra-independent person. When someone talks about a parent’s frequent requests for help, I can’t even imagine. My mom avoids asking me for help like the plague and seems to be enduring a form of …

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Looking for WordPress superhero costume

In the grand pantheon of WordPress heroes I’m a minor goddess, but it’s a matter of perspective. Really we can all be a hero to somebody. I have loved using WordPress for over 5 years and eventually started helping others with it. I was slow to embrace my superpowers seemingly falling into a trap typical …

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One of these bikes is not like the other

I have two bikes that I love to ride. I had a Raleigh 10-speed road bike when I was a teen, but these days I like my bikes pretty and comfortable to ride. When we moved to Greenville, SC in 2009, I went from flat riding with primarily nearby destinations to hilly riding with my usual destinations over 5 …

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Coworking great option for women


When I first heard about coworking, there weren’t any coworking spaces here in Greenville, SC. I thought the concept was so cool that I was tempted to join the one in Asheville and commute there. As someone who works from home both remotely for a nonprofit and for my freelance work, I think a shared working …

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