buddha kitty

Here is our cat Tao who both inspired my current myspace persona and provided the dragonfly madness that occurred last week. Her “buddha belly” pose has been facinating us for years. I’m used to kitties getting into amazing poses that rival the flexibility of great yoga masters. However, I had never seen the buddha belly pose before. She also seems to do a perfect pilates abdominal curl! Since my husband and do pilates together with a trainer, we are quite envious of her perfect position (we’ll have to capture that one with our camera too). Tao was always the quiet, keep to herself cat until more recently. She’s becoming a bit more demanding like her fellow feline family members and pulled off quite the memorable moment by bringing her buzzing prey into the apartment just as we were about to go to bed. One of her other names is “the nuzzler” and she can really tickle you with her nose when she is in the mood to be petted.

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