California Healthy Pets Act

Could it be that we might actually pass this bill requiring that pets be spayed or neutered? It managed to pass the Assembly 41-38 much to the frustration of the American Kennel Club, because Assemblywomen Karnette and Richardson voted yes after promising to abstain. Despite the fact that the bill has an exception for breeders and the success of a similar universal spay/neuter laws, the AKC folks are threatening to pull their annual national championship out of Long Beach. I’m simultaneously excited that the bill has made it this far and disgusted that the AKC is threatening to punish the City of Long Beach for that success. I received an alarmist email from the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce today titled: “Business Community Left Dumbfounded by Long Beach Legislator’s Support of Job-Killing Bill.” I hope our local Senators can withstand the pressure from the business community. More info at the California Healthy Pets Act website.

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  1. I’m puzzled: How is it a “job-killing bill”? Sounds like a great idea to me.

  2. I think they are implying that by losing the AKC annual convention jobs will be lost. I’m pretty disgusted with both the AKC and the Chamber.

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