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Pamela and Neil at CX Worlds

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If you’ve stopped by since the beginning of 2013, you’ve seen the announcement that we closed the site on December 31, 2012. Although we were sorry that there wasn’t adequate advertiser and sponsor support to continue publishing it, we’re proud of the coverage we provided for cycling in Greenville, South Carolina and the broader Southeast region for almost 3 years.

We’re still big fans of the local cycling scene and look forward to future opportunities to promote it.

Thanks to all our contributors who helped make this site a great resource!

Neil & Pamela

In memory of our dads:

When we founded Carolina Cycling News in April 2010, we did not know that we would be losing both of our fathers in the same year.  Burrell L. Wood, Jr. and Thomas Browne both enjoyed storytelling. It seems appropriate to dedicate Carolina Cycling News to them. Not only do we try to share good stories, but we are inspired by Tom’s love of bike racing and B.L.’s love of the people and history of the Carolinas and Tennessee.

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