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Caught in the Tide

The stress of modern life can get to be so much that you feel like you are spinning. Having not done my morning yoga, I drove to work thinking about how this is starting off to be day four without any of my goals met. Memories of playing at the beach when I was a kid flooded into my head. I loved to play in the ocean and would stay in until my lips were blue with cold. At some point I would end up getting knocked down by the waves. I would tumble and tumble underwater until the ocean spit me out. Coughing and full of sand, I would stumble to my beach towel and lay in the sun until I was rested and ready to head back in. The frantic pace of life can feel like that underwater tumble. I feel tossed about, head spinning but life doesn’t spit you out like the ocean eventually does. I long for that collapse in the warm sand. I know that I need to find away to create those moments of respite, but it can be so hard. Sometimes it seems like the shore is out of reach. Or as the case has been lately if I do head for the shore and try to rest, the waves seem to spin me so much harder when I return. Maybe it is monsoon season.

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