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Celebratory Dance

I’m doing a little happy dance because I went for a 30-minute walk today! That’s a small accomplishment to some, but if you’ve been following along you know that it is another success moment I need to celebrate. Not only did I hit one of my goals, but my sore ankle seems to be healed now. Yeah! I did wake-up my chronic foot injury a bit, but I won’t be pushing myself to do that everyday. Since it’s been over a month now of successfully tracking my goals, I’m increasing my efforts a notch. I have been doing yoga every day and walking at least 15 minutes on most days. Now I’m shooting for reaching the 30-minutes of walking two days a week. On Saturdays, my goal will be to do a 30-minute walk. The rest of the week, I’m focused on cumulative minutes. I’m doing my dance class on Mondays and my Pilates session on Fridays. All is not roses, since my friend pain is still camped out in my back, neck and left arm. But as long as I am able to keep up my progress, I can stay positive and trust that the pain will subside. One thing that I have learned is that movement itself can be healing. I go to my Pilates session each week with that in mind. My arm was hurting pretty badly yesterday, but I knew from experience that the session could help. As usual, I left feeling better than when I arrived.


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