Chasing the Sun

The sun was shining today and I came so close to getting out for a nice walk in it. I caught glimpses of it and planned to sneak my walk in various ways between a hectic schedule. However, I managed to not get moving quick enough and missed my opportunity. Instead I had to take the little snippets I got on the go. Then I went for my bare minimum 20 minutes walk in the dark after I got home. There’s clouds and a shower in the forecast for tomorrow, but I see sun on Monday. I guess I’ll make do with my cod liver oil and a dance DVD until then.

Meanwhile, I see that some of my fellow NaBloPoMo bloggers are biting the dust. I’ve made it 10 days so far, 20 to go. Of course, I haven’t been trying to write epic blog posts everyday. That just doesn’t seem realistic!

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