Christmas Spirit

Reporting on my de-scrooging effort, I can say that I did manage to stir up a bit of my Christmas spirit. Having created a spark this year, I plan to fan it into a healthy flame in 2007 – so check back! Meanwhile, I discovered more Christmas music. Look for a music sample on my main page. My fun last minute find was Sufjan Stevens’ Songs for Christmas with 42 songs on the album! As for our Christmas Eve feast, at the last minute we decided to order a turkey dinner from Wild Oats. Not vegetarian, but we aren’t strict vegetarians. We just really liked the UnTurkey! I do prefer to eat vegetarian so I’ll be thinking about alternatives in time for next Thanksgiving. I also of course had to watch A Christmas Carol, so I tried TiVoing the two versions that were on over the weekend. I hated the 1938 version within the first few minutes and decided to go with the more modern one staring Patrick Stewart as Scrooge. (As a closet Trekkie, I enjoyed an opportunity to see Capt. Picard.) On Christmas Day, we wrapped up the holiday experience with a walk through the Naples neighborhood to enjoy all the Christmas light displays. A new tradition, I hope!

P.S. I have now added the Christmas music to this post, so click on the player to have a listen.

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  1. HI, I like your comment about descrooging for Christmas. My husband and I did the same thing this year. We have a 13 month old grand daughter now so we decided to celebrate, unlike the past several years. We bought some lights for the house, a white Christmas tree, decorated with old ornaments that we had stored for years and bought some new ones. We had a small ham for dinner with our youngest son’s family and we had a wonderful family time!
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