Complete Submersion

Ahh, I now realize that I had only dipped my toes into this new Blogger experience. Now that I have gone through converting my template, some of the mystery has been revealed. There’s no point in looking for the previous posts function that disappeared, it has been replaced with a new an improved archive listing. Changes. I find myself just a little more resistant to change these days. I don’t know if I’m starting to get old or if I just need a vacation and I’ll be back to my usual change-loving self. I’ll keep playing with this new version of blogger. Some of the more “user-friendly” features are a little annoying. I seem to be a bit boxed in, but maybe I’ll figure out how to get these little page element boxes to submit more completely to my will. Current annoyances: About Me section limitations and missing Recent Comments section.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your husband, UUSoul. Season’s Greetings from Iowa, where we have no snow and pretty moderate temps in the high 30s. I hope you’re having a special day of celebration. Best wishes for a great 2007.

  2. Thanks and backatcha 🙂 It’s crazy windy today here in Long Beach! I keep expecting to see a squirrel get blown past my window LOL

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