Confessions of a Holiday Scrooge

In a recent post, I referred to my husband as a “holiday scrooge” and described myself as having become disillusioned with the holidays at one point in my life never having recovered (very dramatic). However, I did not fully admit that what I had become was a holiday scrooge myself. Very easy to toss that label around at others, but clearly it needed to land right smack on my own forehead. After all, the original Mr. Scrooge had his sad story too. So with this greater self-awareness, I continue on my quest to recapture the magic I felt during the holidays. Since music really touches me, I decided that the next step in the program would be to buy some Christmas music. After some serious reflection, I decided to go for Sarah McLachlan’s album, Wintersong. It reflects the feelings I have of not being able to totally go back to the past, but instead creating my own version of the magic. So I’m listening to the album right now for some anti-scrooge therapy – switching to something I can dance or be angry to for a break now and then. I gotta pace myself.

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  1. Try this holiday album–one of the best Christmas ones ever:
    Festival of the Heart by John Boswell on the Hearts of Space label.

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