Crazier than Fiction: Karma?

After extricating myself from living with the woman who turned out to be addicted to crystal meth, I transitioned into what I thought was a better living arrangement. I moved into the home of a sweet old lady that lived closer to the temp job I had in Costa Mesa. It was a short bike ride to the job and I looked forward to finally having a peaceful home life. However, it wasn’t long before I noticed a man going past my window on a regular basis. He would then mysteriously appear inside the house. It turned out that the woman was hiding her grandson, who was wanted by the police, in her garage. Yes, he was living in her garage and then would sneak around to enter the house through her window. And yes, he was wanted by the police!

Having gone through quite a bit to move into this place, I was primarily in a state of denial about the situation until one day I saw him reach for something above a cabinet in the bathroom. After he was gone, I climbed up to take a peak and found syringes. This confirmed what I already suspected, that I was again living with a drug addict. How could this be possible after I tried so hard to find a safe and stable place to live! Luckily by this time, I had found a permanent job (more on the job hunt details in my next installment) and met a young woman there who was looking for a roommate. I made arrangements with my new found friends at work to get myself out of that house ASAP. This was move number three in my first five months in Southern California.

I’ll never forget watching the silhouette of the grandson going past my window and the sense of normalcy that the woman had developed around the arrangement. Sadly he even had her convinced that the money she gave him was for medical treatment. I hope that her daughter, who I only met once in the beginning, finally realized what was going on.

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