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Creating Ways to Succeed

Since my little epiphany yesterday, I realized that not only do I need a contingency plan for those times that I stray from the plan, I need more plans… more options. The more I thought about it, I realized that my resolutions had created one concept of success. Just one. So I had an infinite number of ways that I could fail, but only one way that I could succeed. Gee, what are the odds of failure there! So I’m going to be working on creating a range of ways that I can succeed. What a concept.

How shall I succeed today? I know that I want to:

  • move
  • nourish
  • restore

Today, I’ve had a pretty good night’s sleep, I started off with instant oatmeal which I would consider being in the range of a good breakfast, and I’m planning to fit 10-30 minutes of walking in to my day. I consider 30 minutes to be the minimum amount of daily exercise, but I’m widening my range of success while I build up my habits. I’m not going to think about what I wish I had done based on my “ideal goals.” I’m going to focus on my successes.

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