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Developing an Instinct

Wow, almost three weeks since my last post. I’ve been busy as usual with work, but I’ve also been putting a lot of focus into keeping up my new healthy habits. I’m working on making it an instinctual thing instead of needing to invest as much energy into putting my health first.

The focus has been paying off. It’s been over a month and I have only missed my lunchtime walk twice. I find myself looking forward to my daily pilgrimage to the Japanese Garden for a little meditation time. In fact, I’ve even looked forward to coming in on my day off (which I do fairly often) because it would be another opportunity to walk there. I have also finally gotten into the habit of doing my yoga dvd every morning. Again, it’s working its way into my subconscious. Starting to be an expectation instead of a conscious effort.

Now, if I can just find a way to weave some writing into this equation. I’ve noticed that if I have little downtime, I don’t write. I haven’t had time for reading either. I need some space in my life to read and ponder. Then comes the writing.

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