Dragonfly Mayhem

werner22brigitte / Pixabay

Last night, I was peacefully laying on the floor using my wondrous Miracle Balls to relieve some back pain I was having. Suddenly our cat Tao burst through the cat door and ran past me with her sister close behind. This was unusual but the unsettling thing was the distinct buzzing sound that was emanating from her as she ran past. I simultaneously shot up from the floor and said, “Neil, I think she’s got something!” A mad scramble ensued as an enormous dragonfly got free and began flying frantically around our livingroom. Neil and I displayed the extent of our survival skills when we pushed past each other to get behind the nearest door.

We could be seen peering out from behind the door crouched in terror. We then began taunting each other and taking turns displaying our bravery by running out to open the balcony door or turning off a light that seemed to be attracting the vicious creature. In the end, Neil took to shooing it out with a broom. As soon as he got it out, the dragonfly would dart back in. Even though we tried not to kill it, the dragonfly didn’t end up faring too well between the broom and the cats. We eventually got the dragonfly outside and then the cats were delighted to take turns tormenting it. Poor dragonfly. It didn’t look so big this morning when I found it laying on its back on the balcony. I was sure it had been at least a foot long!

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