Exploring Work Through New Eyes

One of the goals I’ve had for my vacation has been to spend some time focused on the Career Clarity program I signed up for in honor of my 40th birthday (Yes, I’m still milking the “turning 40” thing. I’ll let you know when I’m done.)

I have spent some time working on the program but I have also been reading The Renaissance Soul which at the moment has been getting more of my attention. It has been a real awakening for me to realize that it’s OK to have the never ending list of interests that I have. All these years I’ve been trying to find that one thing to devote the rest of my life to doing. I have been embarrassed by my tendency to constantly find some new direction to go in career wise. Most recently I have felt stalled – afraid to move forward and make another “mistake.” Realizing that there are other people like me and that being successful doesn’t mean changing but instead embracing my natural tendencies has been quite a shock. A good one of course. It’s amazing how easily we can view our strengths as our weaknesses.

I’m going to work on blending the two career coaching approaches and have already begun to make use of my new insights!

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