Finding Sanctuary

Although I notoriously seem to be always working, I do try to find moments of peace in the chaos. About a week ago, my husband Neil and I attended Tanabata: The Star Festival at Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch & Gardens:

“Festivities are based on a traditional Asian tale about two constellations, Vega and Altair. Separated by the Milky way because they ignored their celestial duties, the two amorous constellations are allowed to see one another only once a year. This day allows all to make their wishes, be they practical, poetic, humorous or make believe and watch them be carried by the winds up to the heavens.”

It was a pleasant and relaxed evening. Just what I needed! All evening I was entranced by the beauty of the ancient trees in the glow of the paper lights that had been hung throughout the property.

We’ve also been creating a bit of sanctuary at our home. We purchased some plants and bought a comfy chair for our covered patio. It was intended for the human occupants, but the cats are clearly appreciating our efforts!

[The photos don’t do justice to either the festival or our little home sanctuary. The fuzzier photos were taken with my treo.]Smokey and Queenie on our deck

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  1. Looks like home to me. Samantha long ago took over my lounger in my study and my rocker in my bedroom. But it warms my heart to look at her – a feeling which I know we share.

  2. Right 😉 I can hardly begrudge the pleasure the cats take in our little sanctuary. They truly appreciate life’s pleasures. We can learn so much from them! I love to seem them enjoying the presence of the plants – so green, cool and relaxing!

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