Getting my music fix

Do you listen to satellite radio? My husband is in love with his Sirius and wants me to join him in the rapture. I toy with the idea of getting it too, but so far haven’t really been smitten. I have listened to the online version of it and enjoyed listening to the music but didn’t really find any stations that thrilled me. So I keep coming back to thinking it isn’t worth the money for me to have it. I’m glad he enjoys it so much because he is the one with a long (long!) commute to the office.

I on the other hand continue to be quite satisfied with listening to KCRW and love the eclectic mix of music that I am surprised with when I turn it on. It is the primary radio station that I listen to in my car and I also love to stream it from their website when I am at work. I can catch the shows I have missed or listen to it live. Yesterday, as I drove to work I caught a piece on a music festival in Sweden that featured songs in 10 minority languages: Liet Lavlut Festival. Being exposed to new cultural experiences is something that I love. I was happily humming along to the song that is in Romani chib, a Roma gypsy language. I couldn’t wait to hear more and I’m doing just that right now as I stream the show and check out the additional web material. So even thought my technogeek side gets tempted by satellite radio, for now I am happy to spend my money on my membership in this awesome local radio station that can also be enjoyed globally through the miracle of the web. The shows I listen to most regularly are Morning Becomes Eclectic, Metropolis and Chocolate City.

P.S. Just found this video of the Romani band from Hungary called Karavan Familia at the Liet Lavlut Festival! I’m enjoying it with a little red wine 🙂

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