Go in Peace

Tao aka buddha kitty

Today we released our beloved cat, Tao, from her suffering.  We are grateful for the blessing she was in our lives for the short nine years she has been a part of our family.  I post this prayer in honor of her passing and with the belief that she died in the embrace of our love.

May all creatures be freed from their suffering
May all creatures be freed from their illness.
May those in fear be comforted
And those bound be set free.

May all creatures lost in this wilderness
they do not know
be guarded by the love of celestials,
and may they be led to a place
of everlasting peace.

Buddhist Prayer, adapted by Lynn L. Caruso
Blessing the Animals: Prayers and Ceremonies to Celebrate God’s Creatures, Wild and Tame

P.S. Reading this old post (with favorite Tao photo) is giving me comfort. I had forgotten about the night she brought a dragonfly in from the balcony. I was laying on the floor and heard a strange buzzing sound as she ran past me. Then when the dragonfly got loose, my husband and I showed our true colors as we both ran for cover!

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn.
    After watching her suffer and only getting worse all weekend, we basically knew it was the right decision when the vet gave us no hope. But it still hurts when I think of her burying her face in my arms for comfort in those last moments.
    If only we never had to make those decisions.

  2. Hi Pam,

    I’m sorry for your loss. That’s a hard decision to make, but you don’t want to see your pet suffer.

  3. Pamela, seeing Tao’s picture and reading the prayer you posted, I’m feeling so sad for you today. Not too long ago, I faced this wrenching situation, too.

    How do we bear it, saying goodbye to these beloved ones? I still don’t know.

    Hugs to you,

  4. Thanks, Jennifer. I just added a note at the bottom of my post with a link to my favorite photo of her. I’m so glad I wrote a post about the night she caught a dragonfly. It feels good to remember how she made us smile.

  5. No worries, I read it the way you intended. It warms my heart to know others appreciate our impish little spirit. I always considered her one of my best teachers of enjoying the present moment.

  6. Hi, Pamela. I am thinking of you. I enjoyed reading about Tao and the poem is beautiful. I want to get that book. I know this is a hard and sad time. And that is what it is! I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on.

  7. Now I am concerned my comment came out wrong. I did not enjoy hearing of Tao’s illness, discomfort, and passing. My heart goes out to her, you, and your husband. And I meant to say prayer, not poem. Oops!

  8. Pamela, Tao knew that you loved her – when she was ill and from the day that you rescued her. Still hurting for you, Mother

  9. Pamela, My heart goes out to you in your loss. Tao sounds like she was a wonderful companion. I believe our furred ones have spirit, as we do, and continue to be close to us in our grieving, until day by day our loving memories of them take the place of the ache we feel at their passage. I am sure Tao remains close, visiting in your dreams and watching over you both with love.

    We are facing a similar situation – our great big white fluffy Pyr, Zander, has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Its a matter of months for us. We know that the day will come when we are asked, as you two were, to be soul stewards to guide and release a family member from this plane.

    Given a choice, I am sure you would choose to keep every happy, purr filled, playful day you had with her.


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