Go Team Go: Escalate!

Well, I did get this response yesterday to my feedback sent to HP CEO and President Mark Hurd:

On behalf of Hewlett-Packard we apologize for the delay and difficulties you are experiencing. Your message has been forwarded to our Executive Customer Escalation team who will review your case.

Thank you,
CEO Customer Relations

However, my order status page still hasn’t been updated. I continue to wonder what the purpose of that page is if not to give me an update. ::sigh::

On the upside for HP, by the time they finally contact me I’ll be so desperate that I’ll agree to any price for the repairs. If they were going to repair it within the warranty, couldn’t they have just replaced all the parts inside by now and returned it to me? Or if there is a part they needed to order from another location, couldn’t they have put that in the status page?

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  1. This sounds like an improvement.

    And I may have to use the title “Executive Customer Escalation Team” in a poem….

  2. Yeah, it does at least add a bit of humor to the generally frustrating experience ;) I wonder how much these executive level folks get paid to try to get me to simmer down. LOL

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