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Goodbye Scale

Usually by this time in a diet and exercise goals effort, I would be discouraged by the results on my scale. Luckily, I haven’t gone near the thing for a long time and I don’t plan to. My best intentions to make wellness my primary goal and weight-loss a secondary result were always sabotaged by the practice of tracking my weight. I would become discouraged by the minimal movement downward and inevitable fluctuation upward. I think it ate away at my motivation to get out moving. One time I tried fasting, for my health of course, but found myself obsessing over the scale. When it got to the point of hourly weigh-ins, I stopped the fast. What was supposed to be a positive and perhaps even spiritual experience became a single-minded descent into madness.

This time, free of the scale, I’m totally focused on moving for wellness and for the pleasure of it. I can’t wait to feel my tight areas loosen up and feel the sun on my face. That’s the real point of it: to make changes for my life, not for my weight. I’ll know soon enough when my weight starts moving back to normal by the way my clothes fit me. I would dramatically throw out my scale if my husband wasn’t one of those weight-obsessed athletes. Never thin enough, just like me as a teenager. Ah, well. At least I’m free.

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