Lee Holden - 7 Minutes of Magic

Got 7 minutes?

Lee Holden - 7 Minutes of MagicYears ago I discovered Lee Holden’s exercise DVD: “7 Minutes of Magic” when I had the challenge of coming back from a series of injuries. This DVD has been the one I return to again and again because it is perfect for fitting into a busy day. It includes three different types of routines and that range from 7-16 minutes long. They are great for pushing past resistance when tired or stressed. I say to myself – Pamela, you have time for 7 minutes!

There is an AM routine that includes much needed core exercises which has both a 7 minute and extended 16 minute version. I prefer to do the longer version but when I’m considering skipping it, the 7 minute option is great to have. The stretches in the PM routine include great stretches for my hips which get tight from both sitting at a desk all day and from riding my bike.

Below is the third option, a gentle 7 minute AM routine (done standing) which is also great for breaks during the day. It gets your spine, shoulders and arms moving/stretching and is much needed to antidote to spending hours at your computer. It’s great having this one available on any device. I’m hoping they come out with a downloadable version of the entire DVD.

While I get excited about being able to bike or walk a longer distance, I’m more interested in how I can reduce the time I spend sitting and weave movement throughout my day which is so important for our wellbeing.

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