Gray days of winter

Sure, we aren’t having days full of blue skies and gorgeous color but I’m thrilled to be out on my bike with minimal effort to keep warm. Snuggly jacket, wool socks, fuzzy cap under my helmet. Only thing I’m missing is a nice pair of chic winter cycling gloves. Much to my frustration I haven’t found any I like yet. My hands weren’t too cold today though especially after my uphill efforts really got my blood pumping.

Once I am downtown my route is fairly flat so I usually cruise along. However, today was the first time I got caught waiting for a train to pass. I was almost to my destination so it seemed like the train took FOR-e-v-e-r. It stopped for a bit and then finally started up again. But soon I was on my way again to check out our friends cool new business – Greenville Fitness and Rehab. It is located between two of favorite destination for bike rides – Boyd Cycling and the Swamp Rabbit Cafe. I just love everything that is developing there right along the Swamp Rabbit Trail!

On the way back downtown, I had to wait again for a train to pass. I didn’t mind waiting though because there were some nice folks caught on our side of the train. Their daughter was on her first bike ride. There were a lot of smiles and request for a family photo. I don’t choose riding a bike to get places as fast as I can, I ride because I want to enjoy getting there.



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  1. Pamela – Your words are inviting and makes one want to ride. I remember riding my bicycle when I was a kid and just wanted to pedal and then coast (we’re talking bicycles in the late 40’s) feeling the breeze on my face and in my hair but it never lasted long enough to suit me. Sadly I learned to drive and put away the bicycle for years – something about a bike!!!

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