Greenville County trails need our support

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Swamp Rabbit Trail PHOTO: Neil BrowneGreenville area residents and visitors are fortunate to be able to enjoy the Swamp Rabbit Trail, exploring its paths by bike or on foot. The completion of a new extension of the trail is cause for celebration. Over on our side of town, we’re excitedly watching the progress on Cleveland Street as the trail is taking form. When it is complete there will be a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge.

While we may leave the building of our trails to experts, we can do our part by supporting the funding needed to keep our wonderful trail system growing. The Greenville County Recreation District is seeking $600,000 in Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grants for seven projects and needs our help.

Cleveland Street Project PHOTO: Neil BrowneIt will only take a few moments in front of our computers to do our part. There are seven short presentations with important instructions on the final slide at the end of each one for confirming that you viewed it. A quick email with your name is required and optional comments or letters of support can be included. April 10th is the deadline, but we all get busy so do it right now if you can. Even better, share our post on Facebook adding that you just did and asking others to join in!

Greenville Parks and RecIf you are new to riding a bike around town or would like to start venturing off the trail, Greenville Parks and Recreation is offering a Bicycle Traffic Skills 101 course on Sunday, April 29th. Take a look at the class flyer here and then register online here. Adults and youth above the age of 14 years old can participate so make it a family affair!

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