Heaven Knows a Girl’s Gotta Be Pure

Aside from the fact that I don’t agree with the “abstinence only” model of sex education, the idea of purity balls focusing the whole abstinence approach on the girls has really infuriated me. Now I see this video clip on Feministing and it just makes me want to hurl. Some of the post comments bring up points that make the disgusting overtones even more blatant. Unbelievable what people use religion to rationalize.

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  1. Abstinence…what a sweet word.

    It’s the original message parents taught their children because they honored “Marriage!”

    Any sexual expression outside of a married, monogamous relationship, will always yield its sour fruit (negative consequences). And no amount of money, condoms, or comprehensive sex ed will every change that.

    Abstinence is about waiting, cultivating, and nourishing a relationship to maturity (marriage). When marriage is achieved, the harvesting of its fruit (sex) will be ripe and sweet for the picking.

    You feel me? Yea…I know you do!

  2. No, Stephen, I’m afraid I don’t. But thanks for stopping by anyway. I believe in a responsible attitude towards sexual behavior that respects both participants, but waiting for marriage is an optional aspect. I also think it is more important to reduce unwanted pregnancies than impose a supposed moral high road. Peace 🙂

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