About me

I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. — Mary Oliver

I love this quote that represents how I try to approach life — with compassion, playfulness, and curiosity.

I’ve been a “tech geek” as long as I can remember – an early-adopter, setting up new gadgets and software for friends and family members. I soon became the trainer and IT support at any new job. After I left, coworkers would call me up for help. My cell phone became their personal hotline—and I enjoyed it!

Biking to concert in downtown Greenville

I started blogging in 2006 at a time that wellness had become a big passion for me. An injury gave me a crash course in the importance of healthy food, regular exercise and being your own advocate in the healthcare system.

I soon discovered WordPress falling in love with both the mission and the open source community. I eventually became an organizer of the Greenville SC WordPress Meetup and started providing WordPress training and support.

I love being outdoors – especially surrounded by trees. I’m happiest when I make walking and biking a regular part of my days.  The Slow Bicycle Movement is my speed, but I also enjoy watching road and cyclocross racing with my favorite sports commentator.

There’s nothing I like more than learning and having a positive impact in people’s lives — even if it is just with a smile or making them laugh.

I was part of a group of volunteers that founded Bike Walk Greenville in 2013, volunteering as a Board Member and the Webmaster.

TourChats for Cycling Fans Web ShowAs Browne Eye Media, I partnered with my husband Neil Browne in creating the interactive web show TourChats for Cycling Fans (2011-2013) and the Southeast cycling website CarolinaCyclingNews.com (2010-2012).

I found my tribe of creative thinkers: Beer & Napkins: an idea revolution and joined the Advisory Board in 2015.

Also in 2015 I launched the Women Who Code Greenville network joining the global movement inspiring women to excel in technology careers.

Check out my Now page to see what I’ve currently got in the works.