HP Saga Ends (I hope!)

Well, now you really can picture me using my laptop… actually a new laptop. I was contacted late Monday afternoon by an HP case manager which is apparently related to the “Escalation Team.” At first this was not a good thing, because I played phone tag with him until late the next day. When we finally spoke he hadn’t received any of my messages. Sigh. Surprisingly, the case manager seemed as clueless and helpless as I had been about what was going on with my laptop repair. He simply stated that I had been waiting too long and that he was offering me a new laptop instead. I had to agree to have one with Microsoft Vista otherwise I would continue to wait for the repair of my laptop with no word on when it might be repaired.

After a few questions about software compatibility, I agreed to the replacement and received my new laptop Thursday night. I’ve been working on installing and setting up my usual software ever since. It’s a little newer and faster model which is nice. Having Vista has been OK so far with relatively minor complications. I guess I’m lucky compared to the woman in this story Case of the Disappearing Laptop who had to deal with the extra layer of bureaucracy of Best Buy when HP lost her computer. I’m just happy to get myself up and running again here at home. You can bet I’m already backing up too!

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  1. Hi Pam,

    So glad to hear you got a new laptop but what happened to your other one? Did they lose it? Trash it? You’ll probably never know. How does the new one compare with your other in specs, etc. besides running Vista? I’ve heard you need at least 1 gig RAM for Vista and more is better.

    You’ve had a miserable month–hope things are looking up–

    I had a very good visit with your Dad yesterday. Another woman and I solved a 107 year-old Wood family mystery! What’s more, I called your dad on August 31 to tell him we solved it. The mysterious, unsigned letter fragment was written, August 31, 1900.

    An amazing coincidence but not unusual in the world of genealogy. I have many times felt uplifted, supported, and aided in this work by the departed saints I am seeking to learn about. I’ve been working on this on and off since 2003.

  2. I knew my data was gone when I sent it in which was one of the reasons it seemed crazy for the repair to take so long. Someone at church told me their daughter’s computer was lost for a month by HP. Seems to be an emerging pattern!

    Funny you ask about the RAM, Marilyn. The 1GB it came with seems pretty minimal. I think I may need to upgrade it.

    Exciting news about the mystery. I would love to hear more about it. I just installed Family Tree Maker on my computer and started going through my Dad’s data files.

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