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Improving My Baseline

It is easy to get excited about big goals for all the walking, yoga, pilates, dance, etc. I will do, but not so easy to attain them especially on a regular basis. In my quest to create a realistic and sustainable healthy lifestyle, I realize that I have brought my focus to improving my baseline of self-care. The more I can instill small, doable exercise habits, the more I improve the “least” amount of exercise that I get. I’m trying to get myself to at least walk 15-minutes and at least do the 20-minute yoga. I can of course do more, but I have shifted my focus toward the bottom… the baseline. I really think this is an important shift for me. The more I move on a regular basis, the better my health will be overall and the easier it will be when I go for the bigger goals. Earning points for my goals is helping to make it fun but also to set priorities. I get more points for each additional time I walk, no matter how many minutes. I get an extra point if I do manage to accumulate 30 minutes or more that day. So far it seems to be working. I’ve been doing my yoga every day and have only skipped walking two days. Some days I walked twice and one day I did make my 30 minute goal. I’ve been weaving them in to my busy days and trying to make it as easy as possible for myself to succeed. It is an accomplishment just to have achieved doing some kinds of exercise everyday. My new baseline.

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