Investing in Myself

I decided to stop mentally spinning around over career and education goals. It hit me yesterday after a conversation with someone I admire that I need to invest in some guidance in identifying and pursuing the best path for me. As a birthday present to myself (with some birthday $$ from Mom and Dad), I signed up for Carol McClelland’s Career Clarity program. It didn’t take me long to figure out where to go because I’ve been receiving her email newsletters ever since I read her book The Seasons of Change. I would look at the program from time to time but always hesitated to spend the money on it. Yesterday, I realized the short-sidedness of this since making good choices about my career and education will impact my financial health, happiness and overall wellness. It’s a small investment really, especially if you do the basic online program. Adding the individual or group coaching can be a significant cost, but I can choose to add it anytime if I decide it is a good idea. I plan to start off on my own and see how it goes. Summer will be a great time to do this because I’m not taking any classes. It’s a self-paced program so there is no pressure.

I’m feeling really good about the decision. Being able to better visualize and articulate my career goals will help me in my current job as well as in any decisions I make about my future.

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