It’s In HP’s Hands

It has been too hot this weekend for the whirling dervish efforts by the cats which I think really would have given my prayer vigil some power. No word from HP on the status of my computer, just a status page that shows my computer as not shipped. Maybe I’ll be lucky and they have shipped it but just neglected to update the page. Otherwise, the expected delivery date of September 4 is another dashed hope. This whole experience is just so surprising to me after having had such good experiences with Sony when my laptop and then desktop needed repairs. If I could just have a conversation with someone who knows what the problem is it would make a significant difference. I wrote an email reply to HP hoping to reach the ECE team that is supposedly reviewing my case. (I thought the use of corporate acronyms might humanize me to them) As it is, I feel like I’m at the mercy of a big corporate machine that just expects me to wait in this perpetual state of ignorance. Perhaps HP is testing my faith?

* Darn just noticed the critical “would” missing from the first sentence, as in would have given my prayer vigil some power. Instead the cats have been quite lethargic in the uncharacteristically breeze-less heat.

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  1. If your hard drive failed, Pam, I think computer tech people like to extensively test a new installed hard drive, because, usually, if a hard drive fails, it fails within the first week.

    If your problem is more complicated, at least by keeping your laptop longer the techs will diagnose and completely repair your machine, instead of applying a quick fix and returning it back to you. Your new hard drive could then fail and you’re back to square one.

    As I used to say to my tax clients,”I could do a rush job on your return, but I might miss some deductions to which you’re entitled.”

    Hang in there and keep praying1

  2. This may be true, but I’ve never been left totally guessing before. That is the most frustrating part.

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend, Marilyn!

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