It’s My Birthday! Whooo hooo!!! ::horns blowing::

The much anticipated day has arrived and I feel… pretty much the same. But I’m sure tons of wisdom is just going to smack into me any second now or maybe while I’m sleeping.

Look out forty-somethings here I come 🙂

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  1. I like your web site redesign. I see turquoise and sage green colors and a different header.

    Have a great birthday, Pam. With age one gains wisdom along with creaky joints. I wish you much of the former and a supply of Tylenol for the latter! (grin)

    I hope Neil has something special planned for you.

  2. Thanks for giving birth to me, Mom!

    Check out my post on my other blog for the birthday report. I decided a little blog redesign would satisfy my urge to make some changes. Glad you like it, Marilyn!

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