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Joy riding

My new Pedego!

I have always loved riding my bike. When I was a kid I even went to a summer camp that spent the second week on a bike trip. When I was a transportation planning intern at the SoCal Assoc. of Governments, I rode my bike to the Long Beach Bikestation and then hopped on the train to Los Angeles. Since we moved to Greenville I’ve been itching to get back to commuting by bike so it was part of the plan in our recent decision to downsize to having one car.

Our 1st floor hallway

The neighborhood around us is so hilly, I decided the best commuting machine for me is an electric-assist bike from Pedego (Pedego Step-Through Cruiser Black with Black Rims).

It arrived last Friday and I’ve been in heaven since. As I rode around the neighborhood today, I wondered what people were thinking about this bike riding woman who has suddenly appeared on their streets. They’ll have to get used to it because I’m going to be a regular sight.

View across to extension of bike lanes

The other day I rode over to the other side of the neighborhood and stopped to look at the construction in progress on the extension of the bike lanes which connect to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I was thinking that the wait will drive me crazy, but today I rediscovered how much fun I had as a kid exploring neighborhood streets on my bike.

View back up the hill to go home

Meanwhile I’ve been figuring out what accessories I need. Thankfully we have the Pedal Chic boutique here in downtown Greenville for discerning bike commuters. I got my awesome Nutcase bike helmet there. I had forgotten about how cold your hands can get on a bike, but luckily we’ve been having a really mild winter – fingers crossed that continues!

Still have my summer camp badge

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  1. Our hallway is always littered with bikes. Sometimes I have to move them out of the front entry to let the dogs out.

    1.  @MomCycFan I’m just happy we don’t have bikes in the livingroom or bedroom anymore like they were in our apartments! LOL

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