Knight on a Bike

Or in this case in a Scion xA. I pictured my husband in some kind of knight in gen-x, road cyclist armor yesterday. He took on the quest for a modern day grail. Perhaps you can get a glimpse into our lives through the things we seek, the things we revere. I had been browsing online when I discovered a website full of wondrous household items. In it I found what could be the perfect dish rack. I called Neil over and he joined me in marveling over its features. When we realized that it could be purchased at a local store that had recently mailed us coupon, we were elated! However, our jubilant mood was dampened by the expiration date. How could I make it there when I had to work all day plus attend a meeting in the evening? That is when it happened. Neil said that he would go to the store by himself. We looked online and sure enough there was a store by his work in Valencia.

Last night, Neil ventured into a Bed, Bath & Beyond by himself looking for a dish rack. He called me afterward and told me of the wonder he felt as he entered this strange realm. He soon found himself caught in the trap of a decoy dish rack display filled with inferior models. Wondering what he should do, he considered taking one of them and giving up the quest. Luckily, a guide was sent to him in the guise of a fellow shopper. This woman told Neil of the other display that held the true grail – the perfect dish rack. That night my knight in sporty armor came home victorious to his maiden fair.

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  1. Please tell Neil that I think he is really terrific. Every woman should have such a knight! Signed: Her Majesty

  2. Well, let’s not get Neil too full of himself now! We’ll have to send you a photo of Neil happily using his new dish rack 😉

  3. Let’s hear it for Neil! (grin)

    What I want to know is: Did he buy any thing else at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, such as the handy-dandy tools advertised on the Home Shopping Network?

    If he did not, he is Knight of all Knights!

  4. So why is “Your Majesty” funny? A family joke, right? ‘Fess up.

    Incredible restraint shown by the knight in question. Most other knights would have added Massage Cushion/IPod speakers to their shopping cart and hoped their fair lady wouldn’t notice a shaking cushion blaring music. grin

  5. Neil said that he came close to buying a massage cushion for his car seat that also has built in speakers for his iPod!

    Yes, Your Majesty, Neil and I were laughing about it 🙂

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