Last Fling

Today marks exactly 3 months to my 40th birthday. I was thinking about it the other day and the thought occurred to me, “I will never be 30-something again. Ever.” This dramatic discovery led to the seeds of regret starting to send up little sprouts. However, I then thought, “But I am still 30-something. I still have 3 months, so why not enjoy it now before I say good-bye to this part of my life.” So I’ve been thinking about what to do with these last three months and I do have a few ideas. Granted I’m not off to the best start since my friend pain is still visiting. Yesterday and today have been focused on the “pressure-pain” variety that feels like my arm is going to explode. However, I have had success with my ankle injury which seems to be thanks to “Sports Gel for Trauma” from B&T. I’ve been rubbing it into the sore part of my ankle and up into my leg. Digging deep, Hellerwork style, into the sore spots I have found. After two weeks of it getting worse in spite of my taking it easy, I am very grateful for the turnaround. I have been determined to keep up my yoga and walking as best I can this week. I have felt discouraged at times but I have refused to let the pain keep me from my new wellness habits. I will go triumphantly into my 40-something years!

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