Letting the music move me

Tonight the little girl dancer in me re-emerged. It was in the middle of one of the twirls our teacher had us doing in class today. At first I was totally thrown off by it, getting quite dizzy. Then I figured, I’ve either got to throw myself fully into the experience or drop off to the side as some of the other women were doing. So I started focusing on the music. Somewhere in the next twirl my body remembered how to turn and it felt natural again. All those ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance classes seem long ago but they were buried in me somewhere, just waiting perhaps to be set free. That’s the way I would like to move into my 40s… dancing joyously.

OK, at the moment, I’m hobbling my way. I walked a lot on Saturday and Sunday which brought back the sore ankle I had hoped was healed. After the dance class tonight, it’s quite painful. I’ll take it easy with short walks for the rest of the week and won’t do so much walking next weekend. In my mind though, I’ll still be twirling until next week when I dance again.

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