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Life’s Little Triumphs

Tonight I celebrated my long awaited triumphant return to my beloved bellydance class! It was delayed two weeks by my shoulder injury. So far I seem to be no worse for having danced my heart out.

Nuff said about the simple pleasure of moving your body to music. The fact that I was 20 lbs lighter just added to the experience.

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  1. Hi,

    So glad to have found you–on Technorati as I was searching on FM. I also have FM and am UU. Your blog looks inspirational. I’ll keep up with it!

  2. Congrats!

    My partner and I went swing dancing for the first time. What a sweet time – to just move and be twirled and be completely in my body, with joy.

  3. Thanks Sherril! I’ve been been having an ICE for over 12 years now with both my TOS and my Fibro.

    Hi Barbara, I was twirling last night again 🙂

    So glad to have found both your websites!

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