Life’s Mysteries

Neil and I have been using Palm PDAs for years now since buying our first – the Tungsten T. When we discovered the Palm DualDate software program, we soon realized that it was a great tool for marriage harmony. It was simple. I could send my calendar to his Palm to be viewed on a screen next to his calendar and he could send his to my Palm. The two calendars had a different color so we could see each other’s schedule at a glance. We easily kept each other up-to-date and this lead to fewer conflicts for two people who tend to be off doing their own things and forgetting to keep each other informed. However, as the relentless pace of technological improvements proceeds, we upgraded our Palm PDAs and one day we discovered that our DualDate software no longer worked. I searched the web expecting to find a software upgrade, but to no avail. No upgrade. No explanation. Nary a peep about this tragic situation.

Every so often, in the midst of schedule miscommunications, we lament the demise of that great marriage-saving tool. I again head out web surfing for any DualDate references only to find a smattering of forum discussions. To this day I wonder how it is that with the ton of Palm software programs out there, no one has created a replacement for this simple yet awesome little program.

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