Looking for WordPress superhero costume

WordPress Superheroes (credit: wpauctions.com)In the grand pantheon of WordPress heroes I’m a minor goddess, but it’s a matter of perspective. Really we can all be a hero to somebody.

I have loved using WordPress for over 5 years and eventually started helping others with it. I was slow to embrace my superpowers seemingly falling into a trap typical for women – thinking I needed to know “everything” before being of value to others. Thankfully I noticed that I love helping people to learn WordPress. I also enjoy creating websites and continuing to add to my skillset – thank you Treehouse!

“How to” requests come in all forms – phone, email and in person – and they give me the opportunity to see the light bulb come on for someone who hasn’t been able to find the answer themselves. I also enjoy swooping in to the rescue when the task is too hard or a problem needs to be solved. Reactions have ranged from “I COULD KISS YOU!” to being honored with #wpguru tweets. Meanwhile my feats pale in comparison to those ahead of me making WordPress the awesome tool that it is!

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