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Making Goals Fun

I’m having fun with this little goal tool, Joe’s Goals, that I discovered on another blog. The chart showing my results so far is in my blog sidebar. It just gives you an overview and doesn’t really show the fun stuff: the actual goals, the smiley faces and all the little check marks I get to fill in on my goal chart. I get to decide how many points each goal is worth too. So far I am tracking my yoga and walking. I give myself an extra point if I reach 30 minutes of walking which is my daily cumulative goal. I also give myself a point if I take my “full” lunch break which I rarely do – in fact I haven’t earned a point for that one yet. You can also set up “negative” goals which subtract a point for things you want to stop doing (like “skip breakfast”). That doesn’t really fit with my emphasize the successes attitude. I’m strictly a “positive goal” user so far!

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