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I was feeling a little cavalier in the first week of NaBloPoMo. It’s not so tough I thought. Hah. Week two and I’m struggling to keep the pace. It’s the same thing with my walking. The change to colder and darker days has me struggling to keep up the walking that came so easily when the warm, sunny weather beckoned me to come out and enjoy it. I was determined to go for a walk at 4pm today before it got dark. My plan was to walk near work. However, the hours went by and I kept working in my office. I forced myself out for a walk after I got home by telling myself it would be a quick walk and that a small walk was better than no walk. Then I got myself to walk a little farther, taking a longer route. Finally, I realized that adding a little more would make a 20 minute walk which I think of my minimum. I felt much better afterwards of course. It becomes a cycle, up or down, depending on your choices. If I don’t walk, I have less energy and feel less like walking. If I walk, I have more energy and will be more likely to walk tomorrow.

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  1. So how cold has it been out there?
    What is “winter” in southern CA?

    I think yours and my definition of winter differ greatly! LOL

    Then there’s “Montana winter” where my daughter lives–minus 35 to 45 below zero; snow ANY month of the year. Makes Iowa winters downright balmy in comparison.

  2. Exactly why in my next post I said that I have to giggle when I say winter. It’s all relative 🙂

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