Mom with her ESOL students

Mom’s Party with Her Students!

I’m back home from our district assembly and catching up on email. I was delighted to find photos from my Mom’s birthday celebration. Even though my mom has been the caregiver for my father since his heart surgery, she continues to teach English as a second language as a volunteer every Saturday. Her students mean so much to her! They invite her to baby showers and she enjoys having them come to her home for the opportunity to practice speaking English. (I love that her birthday cake has beer can candles on it. I don’t think my mom has ever had a beer!)

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  1. I enlarged that picture because I thought those were beer cans!

    I had moonshine once when I was in Tennessee. I figured it was my one and only chance. I’m not much of a drinker. Even one sip of it packed a punch!

    Then lo and behold I was offered some more a couple years later. I was just a couple miles from where your great-grandfather, William C. Wood, used to live on the Old 15th. I’d just eaten two pieces of coconut cake and drunk a couple cups of coffee. Didn’t seem to be a good culinary compliment!

    Besides, this moonshine did not have the smooth and robust smell of the first little bit I’d drunk. This smelled like you could run a lawn mower off of it. Maybe even a gokart!

    So there is my confession.

  2. Are the two young men on either side of you brothers? They resemble each other.

    The cake looks delicious, too.

  3. I believe my non-drinking Baptist family considered moonshine to be “medicinal” – LOL 🙂

    My mom is strictly a wine drinker – in moderation of course. But don’t ask her to give up her glass of wine with dinner! (she would make a good UU)

  4. Marilyn, yes, they are brothers and the third man is married to their sister. All from Honduras. Fine young men and good students.

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