Moon Glow

For a brief moment tonight I basked in the glow of the full moon. It turned out to be another long day that laid aside the best of plans. I got to bed late again last night, had a rushed breakfast (Kashi Instant Oatmeal so it could be worse) knowing I had a yogurt waiting for me at work, skipped my morning yoga and only went on a 15 minute walk at lunch. I ended up leaving the office late at about 8:30pm and I was headed to grocery shopping. As I approached the parking lot I looked up and was immediately captured by the beauty of the full moon shining brightly through the thin moving veil of clouds. I stopped in my tracks, bewitched and grateful as the busyness of my life fell away. I breathed the moment in deeply and slowly. Our modern lives so often keep us removed from the natural world that is so important to our well being. Tonight I connected for a moment with the greater cosmos and let it refresh me, if only for a moment.

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  1. I know what you mean about the moon. It has been appearing here in SC in the evening just when I am working at the sink cleaning up after dinner, and I can see it through the window while I work. It’s still out there when I take out the trash and walk once around the house. (I have such exciting activities!) Just a perfect silvery disk. And sometimes the bare branches of the trees are seen against it.

  2. Hi Mom! My mom will be 80 in April and she devotes most of her time caring for my 86 year old dad since his heart surgery in Oct 2005. I think she rocks for being online (and for all she does)!

  3. I second the idea that your mom rocks, Pam. For many reasons! I admire her strength and determination and all she does to help your dad live to his fullest potential. I would have never met them if not for my book research. One of my unexpected blessings and great joys!

  4. I was up early this morning (ESL classes) and, on my way out to pick up the newspaper to read during breakfast, there was that “silvery moon” again. A bit diminished in size, but still beautiful as it set in the west behind the bare branches of the pecan trees in our backyard. The sight raised my spirits.

  5. I don’t think the moon ever fails to inspire me 🙂 How are your students doing with the program’s new computers?

  6. The results are as varied as the abilities of the students. However, after a couple of hours on the computers, my class always seems happy to spend the rest of the morning with a live teacher. And I enjoy it as much as they do. I’ve become quite a ham. Love, Mother

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