Morning Meeting Check-in

So I’ve been floating on a little cloud since I got nominated for one of my blog posts. I don’t need to actually win (and I wouldn’t even expect to be in the top five), because this little newbie blogger is really totally happy with just the nomination. Well, we had a Board retreat today and I’m not a morning person. Not really thinking with all my cylinders yet. And it’s check-in. And as I said I’m on a little cloud. So naturally I mentioned the nomination. Well, I really didn’t think that I would get more than a “That’s great, Pamela.” I mean I’ve mentioned my blog before and no one seemed very interested, so I really, really didn’t think what happened would happen.

Everyone perked up and said, “Blog? You have a blog? Where is it? Can we see it? Send us a link! You should put something in the newsletter about it.” So I sent them a link and now I’m thinking… crap… I’m used to only a few people I know looking at my blog. I didn’t realize how safe obscurity felt. Oh well…

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  1. Thanks 🙂 I added the link to the post that was nominated for Best Anecdote or Narrative – Single entry.

  2. Hmmm, that makes me think. Should I tell my fellow congregants about my blog? I would then have to say goodbye to all attempts at anonymity. But I’m feeling the drive to get “out there”. Your courage is giving me courage…

  3. I’d say interest is better than disinterest, which is what my coworkers and family have. 😉

  4. I liked your nominated blog. It warmed me up! 25 degrees here and snowing.

    After winter comes spring and summer (at least where I live in the Midwest).

  5. Yeah, that’s true, Marilyn! It’s been cold here lately and funny to think about how hot I was back then.

    Stephanie! I can’t imagine anyone not being interested in your blog. I’ve been impressed from the first time I found it!

    The minister and I just had a good laugh about the Board meeting. Apparently my face went totally red when everyone took interest.

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