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Morning Rituals

Today has been one of those days when my new self took a bit of a vacation and my old self felt quite at home. I didn’t get to bed early enough, didn’t have a good breakfast, and didn’t do my yoga before I rushed like a mad woman out of the door. Very familiar territory. While I could dissolve into a sea of self-loathing, I am doing my best to salvage the day. I managed to drag myself out for a walk. I got into it after I was out there and walked for longer than I had originally bargained with myself for. If I do my new Qi Gong Flow series (recorded from PBS), I will be satisfied with the points I have earned in my goal tracking system. However, the late in the day efforts do not have the same impact that the morning ones do.

Thanks to my mom who clips articles and sends them to me, I read an interesting one on “morning rituals” and the positive affects they can have. This is even just relaxing with a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper types of routines. Just going through a regular routine in the morning can have positive effects. So when you form particularly healthy ones, you are maximizing this potential. I have noticed how much better my day is when I make sure to have a good breakfast and do my yoga. My stress levels are much lower throughout the morning. Everything flows from there. I am then more likely to make sure to take my midday break and go for a walk and to eat well throughout the day. Because I didn’t follow my morning rituals today, I have had a tough time getting through the day. I was tired and hungry through the morning workshop I attended and I neglected to get out for my midday walk. The good news is that I do feel better for having gone on a twilight walk. It is amazing how walking can bring out energy you would swear you didn’t have and can be like a body massage if you relax into it.

Tonight my goals are a good dinner, Qi Gong and get to bed early. Luckily morning comes again tomorrow when I’ll get another chance for a good start!

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