So it’s Nov 15 and I’m half way through the month of blogging. Acckkk! I’m not sure I’m going to make it but maybe this weekend I’ll catch my breath. At the moment it feels like I’m just down to desperate fluff posts. I am so exhausted because my day was super long ending with picking up my husband at the airport after an evening meeting. I’ve done it a million times but I managed to take a wrong turn. I got stuck in traffic because of construction and then took a few more wrong turns until I finally got back to the point where it all started. Just what you want when you are just trying to keep going. Too top it off, I thought I had to take my music midterm today, because whenever you log-in to the website it said that the mid-term is Thursday and you only have 24 hours to take it. So I dashed home between work stuff, but when I got to the midterm page it said that I had until Sunday night. Of course, I would rather take it on Saturday when I actually had time! Oh well, enough complaining. I guess this is the opposite of a gratitude post 😉

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