My Favorite Healing Find

I love to recommend The Miracle Ball Method to any one dealing with chronic pain. It is now an essential tool in my personal healing kit and is one of the first things I pull out when I’m in pain or can feel the tension building in my muscles. Ironically, I didn’t really get into using it until a year after I found the ball set at a bookstore. When you first try it, you feel a little awkward. You wonder if you are doing it right and in my case I was in so much pain that it was hard to feel the benefit. It wasn’t until my husband was in a lot of pain from a back injury and I suggested he give the balls a try. It started working wonders for him, so I got interested in trying it again. In fact it was working so well for us that we were having a hard time sharing the one set so we ended up buying two more sets. He often takes one set with him on trips or to his office to use after his long commute. I was so excited about this simple way to get pain relief that I started buying them for my friends too!

One of the best things about them and one of the reasons I enthusiastically recommend them to everyone is that they are so inexpensive. Most of the methods that have really helped me have been a real challenge to find a way to pay for them. This is part of the catch-22 you find yourself in when you are in such bad shape that you can’t work and you don’t have the money to get the treatments you need to get well. So if you are suffering from chronic pain, check these wonderful little balls out. I first ran into the set (two balls and book) on display at a major bookstore and have seen them everywhere since then. Their full price is only $18 and I’ve even found them for as little as $10.

[I changed the title of this post because I realized that I contradicted myself. I said that I wasn’t making “recommendations” because I don’t think I have “the” answers – just stuff that has worked for me. In this case it is something that has worked for friends and family too so it is hard not to recommend it!]

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